Society Launches Practice Based Commissioning Guide, UK

A new document, Practice based commissioning: A resource for community pharmacists in England, will be launched this week by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. The guide provides Local Pharmaceutical Committees and community pharmacists with the knowledge to effectively engage with Practice Based Commissioning (PBC); improving the quality of services offered, and developing better access for patients.

The PBC guide, developed with support from the National Pharmacy Association, Company Chemists Association, NHS Primary Care Contracting and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, outlines the benefits to community pharmacists in introducing PBC. This includes increased customer loyalty and the introduction of new revenue streams, as well as the potential risks associated with failure to engage with the programme.

It also provides suggestions on how to take the PBC agenda forward at a local level and a list of useful resources relating to PBC. The aim of the guide is to influence the development of the pharmacist to play a more inclusive part in healthcare, public care and social care.
Paul Bennett, English Pharmacy Board Chairman, said:

“This PBC guide is essential in recognising the valuable input pharmacists can make in terms of both the commissioning and the provision of services through successful integration into primary care. Community pharmacists are already introducing service re-design in areas such as prescribing, smoking cessation and sexual health, and with their increased commitment to PBC programmes the benefits to patients will continue to develop.”

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