Everything you should know about Fixed Dental Braces

Everything you should know about Fixed Dental Braces

Braces don’t punctuate your smile, but enable you to see your oral health in the new light. This is the opinion of numerous orthodontists practising worldwide. Dental braces, if chosen at the right time can correct a lot of health issues, including digestive ailments, teeth alignment, probable gum diseases, etc and improve the way of life and living.

Even with the probable health advantages, the journey to an orthodontic treatment, periodic dentist visits and maintenance of fixed dental braces might feel arduous. It is a long-term commitment that may overwhelm a patient. But, don’t get intimidated as the end results will surely hold the key to ‘transformation’. A ‘transformation’ that will change your life, improve your confidence and shape your health & well-being.

If you are ready for 360 degree transformation, then a brisk knowledge about fixed dental braces might help you. In the UAE, many orthodontists suggest fixed dental brace over the removable ones. The reasons are valid. The braces are fixed on the teeth and guarantee a successful treatment. If patients comply to an orthodontists’ prescribed list of do’s and don’ts, then treatments have nearly 100% recovery and success rate. 

Fixed dental braces are suited for almost every age group, be it children, teens or adults. They can be fixed either on the buccal (outside) or lingual (inside) side of teeth. There are many choices available at dental clinics in Abu Dhabi that can offer great care and bring 100% effective dental results. 

Ideally, a specialist orthodontist analyses the jaw structure, and prescribes the patients with a list of options in braces available. He will invest every possible effort to make the patients feel comfortable with the braces in terms of precise fitting and discreet appearance. 

An orthodontist’s practice and precision offers a great help in the success of a fixed dental braces. And why not? They offer a higher level of control and support the jaw bite with higher precision than a treatment with removable braces.

Time and inventions have brought in a lot of versatility in a dental brace treatment. Be it the comfort or the aesthetics, the dental braces offer a multifunctional benefit to the patients. Some of the reliable fixed braces options are as followed. 

1.   Clear Braces or Ceramic Braces –  These tooth-coloured braces are vaguely noticeable, thanks to their semi-translucent make material and are perfect for those who are particular about the looks and aesthetics. A popular orthodontic treatment choice among teens and adults, these braces are perfect accompaniment to straighten the teeth with a thin wire linking the brackets. 

2.   Metal Braces – The most known and used orthodontic braces, metal braces are durable and versatile option to correct jaw alignment, or severe orthodontic ailments like spaced out teeth. They offer high precision and are recommended to endure adjustments within less time. One great feature that comes with these braces is versatility. It can be customized with different band elastic colors and bring a unique colorful look to your braces. 

3. Invisalign® – Invisalign braces are clear, clean and comfortable. As the name suggests, they are invisible and can be removed to maintain hygiene and dental health. Designed without wires or metal, these clear brackets give a patient a non-invasive way of correcting smiles in an almost invisible way. 

While knowing about the make of braces is important, it is equally important to know about a retainer. It is an essential element akin to the success of your orthodontic treatment. Its sole function is to help maintain the precious smile after braces are removed from the jaws. 

A patient has to wear a specially designed retainer to maintain the new improved positions of teeth. Fixed retainers are cemented to the teeth to prevent their moving post an orthodontic treatment. 

So, an orthodontist’s advice on choosing a fixed or a removable retainer also holds the key to the success of a treatment. He/ She may prescribe the kind of retainer to restore the teeth alignment and health for a longer tenure. 

It is true that orthodontics dentistry not just keeps the teeth in-line, but transforms life on the 360-degree level. And if you are ready to follow this transformative process in the UAE, then there are many qualified dental clinics in Abu Dhabi, the capital city and Dubai that can offer transformative oral health for their patrons. 

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