4 Ways of staying away from injuries while removing pubic hair

4 Ways of staying away from injuries while removing pubic hair

Pubic hair removal is a matter of preference for everyone. Some like to remove it all while others keep them well-groomed. But when it comes to pubic hair removal most of us get anxious about that accidental cut, razor burn, or skin infections if something goes wrong. If you are wondering how to remove hair safely down there, then follow one of these four ways.

1. Trimming

Using scissors can be a safer way to keep your intimate area well-groomed. If you are careful the scissors won’t make contact with your skin so the risk of getting injured is less. Also, make sure the scissors you are using are sharp and clean and do not tug on the hairs as they cut.

You can also use bikini trimmer to trim the unwanted hairs along your bikini line easily. A pro tip: sit down and use a mirror while trimming to avoid any risk of injury.

2. Shaving

Another popular way of removing pubic hair is shaving. It’s usually a painless, easier, and quicker way of hair removal. However, as razor comes in direct contact with the skin, you can feel temporary irritation, itchiness, and redness from shaving.

However, you can reduce this risk by:

  • Using a lotion or shaving cream.
  • Using a sharp razor and avoid shaving more than once in the same area.
  • Taking a shower or soaking in a warm bath before shaving.

While you are doing this, try to go slower while shaving your intimate area. As the skin in the pubic area is thin it is more prone to cut or nick.

3. Hair removal creams

If you are looking for how to remove hair in a painless way you should go for the hair removal creams. As hair removal cream contains chemicals that weaken hair proteins you can easily remove unwanted hairs from down there. Plus, hair removal creams are more affordable, easily accessible, and available for different skin types and body areas.

As you only have to apply hair removal cream on the desired area and wipe it off after waiting for a certain time, it does not cause pain as with waxing. And you can enjoy super-smooth skin for up to two weeks. However, before using these creams, run a patch test to check if you get any allergic symptoms from them.

4. Waxing

Most women go with waxing to clean off the entire pubic area. Whether you want to keep some of the hair with bikini waxing or go with bare-it-all Brazilian waxing, it’s better to get it done in a salon. Or if you are pro at DIY waxing, using wax strips can work well too.

As waxing removes hairs from their roots this typically causes pain. However, if done properly, it also exfoliates the skin and the result lasts longer.

Whichever way you choose for pubic hair removal, make sure you are following hygiene and taking all the precautions to avoid irritation and skin infection down there.

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