Important growth milestones for toddlers

Important growth milestones for toddlers

There’s no denying that every child is different therefore, the growth pattern of every child is also different. Parents often ask medical experts about the right method to track their child’s growth for the first 36 months. There are baby growth charts designed by WHO and various other health organizations, which can help parents see if their child is growing properly. All the pediatricians also use baby growth calculator and charts to keep a vigilant tab on three main physical developments for the babies- height, weight, and head circumference. 

What does one mean by the baby growth chart?

Although genes and DNA of every child are different, there are still certain parameters set by the medical experts through which one can determine the pace of growth in a child. All the parents are curious to know if their child is growing right or if there is anything they have to worry about. In simple words, thebaby growth chart is designed by WHO and NCHS (the National Center for Health Statistics) to help parents and doctors check on the growth. This chart is divided according to the common age group and is based on common assumptions and theories. 

What is measured with the baby growth charts?

If you are eagerly waiting to use the baby growth calculator (growth chart), then here is what you need to do before that. Below-mentioned are three major things, which a person calculates, looking at the growth chart.

  • Height of the child– The first thing which is measured using the baby growth chart is the height of the baby. For measuring the same, the toddler is stretched on the examining table, and then the doctor/ nurse measures the child’s length from head to toe using a tape. 
  • Weight of the child– There is a pre-designed weight chart for the child between 0-3 years. If your child is 12 months or less, then you have to remove the baby’s clothes and then put him on the weighing machine for more accurate calculations. 
  • Head circumference– Lastly, the measurement foe had a circumference of the child is also done. Many people must be thinking about the purpose of measuring the head circumference to calculate the growth of the baby? The answer to this is very straight; the measurements of the head circumference of a Toffler can give a lot of clues about the brain development in the child. 

All the above-mentioned three measurements are taken by the pediatrics on a regular basis so that they can have a close look at your child’s growth. The best part about using such baby growth charts frequently is that these charts can also let you know if your child is healthy or not. If you find that your child is lacking in something or the other, you can immediately consult a specialist. 

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