How To Use An Eyebrow Trimmer For The First Time?

How To Use An Eyebrow Trimmer For The First Time?

You have always counted on your tweezer to shape your eyebrows. How about going for a different method this time? You can now use an eyebrow trimmer, a robust and petite device to shape your brows. If you want to shape your brows yourself, nothing can beat this convenient, cute, and time-saving device. But most of us don’t know how to use it and you don’t wish to mess up with the brows. So, below is a step-by-step, detailed explanation of how to use eyebrow trimmer:

1.Preparation: Your eyebrow trim success depends largely on your preparation. It is recommended that you remove any makeup properly and take a warm shower before you start the process so that your brows become soft. You can apply some moisturizer as well to soften the hairs.

2. Grab The Right Device: Investing in the right electric trimmer for women can make a great difference in ease of use, accuracy, and final results. For accurate and gentle trimming, you can use Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer. It is an important device for trimming your eyebrows and helping you get rid of unwanted hair from sensitive parts of your body.

3. Plan the Eyebrows Shape: If it is the very first time that you are going to trim your brows, you should take things slow initially. A great idea here is to pencil the perfect eyebrow shape you want before you begin using the dark eyebrow pencil. You may use the outline as the guide to take away excess hair. You can also use an eyebrow comb to brush your hair before you start to avoid trimming the wrong hairs.

4. Go slow: Begin by removing extra hairs from the brow’s top. Ensure to move against the hair growth and never apply lots of pressure. It can result in soreness or irritation. Next, move to the lower side of the eyebrows, removing extra hair from the arch first. Take time and keep your movements soft and small, especially if you are using the trimmer for the first time.

5. Cleaning: Once you’re done with both the eyebrows, clean them, and have a close look at both of them. They should look symmetrical and even from each angle. If you find any hair strands to be sticking out, trim them down.

6. Apply Brow Gel: Lastly, wipe off the area surrounding your eyebrows using a warm cloth and put a good-quality brow gel. It’ll help retain the ideal shape of the eyebrows by holding your hair in place.

Now there is no need for plucking or threading- you can easily get the ideal eyebrow shape using an eyebrow razor! Give a pat on your back. By reading this guide, you have become an eyebrow trimmer pro. Buy an electric trimmer now and work on your eyebrows immediately.

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