5 Ways to Pamper Yourself on International Women's Day

5 Ways to Pamper Yourself on International Women’s Day

Since women achieved suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 is celebrated as a national holiday. In 1977, the United Nations recognized it as International Women’s Day. All, irrespective of gender, aim to celebrate this day to honour women’s achievements. The campaign theme for it in 2021 was “Choose to Challenge”. 

Whether it’s a major social issue like patriarchy or a skin concern like injuries from women’s razor, challenge whatever comes in your way. For that, you need not even wait for an exclusive day. Celebrate your womanhood every day. Nevertheless, here are some great ways to shower some extra love on yourself on this special day.

5 Ways of Self-Pamper on International Women’s Day

1. Start the day with skincare: You deal with a hectic life. But now you have this day all to yourself. Start it with skincare. You may want some self-care time that you missed the other days. So, treat yourself to full-body skincare. Haven’t depilated for long? Buy the best ready-to-use wax strips, hair removal cream or an electric trimmer. Get freedom from unwanted hair on your face, armpits, bikini line, arms, and legs.

Unlike razors for women, wax strips and depilatory creams don’t give you nicks and cuts. They also have special formulations for sensitive and dry skins to nourish your skin. They even exfoliate any dead skin cells. Besides, their sweet fragrance can mask your body odour. So, gift yourself with odour-free smooth glowing skin. Take the resolution to spare some time to pamper your skin throughout the year. You deserve to feel like a Goddess every day.

2. Go for the long-awaited date: Were too busy so long to cherish some special moments with your partner? Deck up for the date which kept getting delayed. No doubt, with your glowing skin, you’ll “shine bright like a diamond”. On this special day, allow yourself to be pampered by your partner as well and make some beautiful memories.

3. Indulge in some refreshing activities: Love swimming but couldn’t enjoy it for many days? Maybe you missed enough leisure time, or your bikini line hair made you go “ouch” whenever you tried wearing the taut swimsuit. Now with a whole work-free day and hair-free smooth skin, dive into the pool straight and relax your mind and body in the soothing water. It’s a great stressbuster!

4. Go get your dream tattoo: Tattoos are not mere ornamentations. They are a part of your identity and a sign of meaning, stability, and permanence. They remind you every day of your precious self. This Women’s Day, bring on the tattoo-revolution that you’ve long waited for. Your smooth skin will ensure you have hassle-free tattooing. It can also help you better flaunt your skin-art.

5. Rock the girls’ night: You and your girlfriends were craving for this night. Viola! It has come! It may sound like an obvious plan on Women’s Day. But don’t bother. This is your day! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your silky-smooth glowing skin will dazzle like your spirits and help you flaunt your favourite off-shoulder, sleeveless or knee-length dresses which missed you so long. Then what? Rock the party! 

Remember to care for yourself every day. You need no exceptional reason or occasion to feel special. Why? Because you come first. Always.

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