What is the importance of using a hand serum?

We use our hands for almost every work, from having our meals to writing. We also use our hands for showing affection, therefore; our hands play an important role in comforting, connecting and bonding with our loved ones. Our hands are exposed to several types of chemicals and external aggressions as we always use them to carry our different chores. We always ask children to keep their hands clean and for that, they must wash them thoroughly before and after eating, and after using the washroom. Washing hands is not only important for children but also for adults. Everyone must keep their hands clean and hygienic. But it is important to note that frequent washing of hands can lead to skin damage. Continuous exposure to harsh chemicals can spoil the delicate skin and natural oil of the hands. This is what makes our hand dry and wrinkled. Constant exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals can make your hand skin age faster. Therefore, to protect your skin, you must follow a proper hand care routine. 

Do not worry! Your hand care routine does not involve a 10-step process like your face. An effective firming and lifting serum or hand and nail serum can do the job perfectly. Some of the main reasons why you require hand care are as follows:

  • One of the first signs of ageing is the skin of your hands.
  • A good handshake is the first impression.
  • It helps to maintain healthy nails.
  • It helps to prevent peeling and heals damaged skin.

UAE has a hot and dry climate that affects the skin greatly because of the constant exposure to heat. Therefore, to protect one’s skin from excess sunlight, you must use a protective serum on your hands. Christian Laurent offers the best and most effective hand serum in UAE, the Nutri Regenerating Hand and Nail Mask-Serum.

  • The product is available in 125 ml for AED 45.00.
  • The mask-serum helps in restoring the dry chapped hands and revitalizes the skin’s protective layer naturally. It is a non-greasy serum that gets instantly absorbed into the skin. It strengthens nails and hydrates hands quickly. Therefore, it is a must-try hand serum in UAE.
  • The hand and nail serum work with Nutrifusion 4D technology that transforms dry and chapped skin to nourished soft skin. The technology tightens the hydrolipidic coat, activates the healing process, gets into the intercellular spaces, and reduces skin texture.
  • The firming and lifting serum has power ingredients like French rose oil, karate butter, and hyaluron active™ complex. It smoothens and strengthens the nails when used regularly as directed.
  • You will have to massage a small amount of this serum into your nails and hands until absorbed completely. You can also reapply if needed.
  • Some other ingredients used in the product are Aqua, Parfum (Fragrance), Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Glycine Soja Oil, Rosa Gallica Flower Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Olus Oil, and more.
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