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What is Survival Spondylosis?

What is Survival Spondylosis?

In general it is called neck arthritis. This is the loss of discs or discarded cartilage in the vertebrae section of the spinal cord. The spinal cord is made up of 33 small bones or vertebrae (vertebrate bra). Seven vertebrae in the neck area. These vertebrae are connected to each other with discs and ligaments. Curved neck of the back of the spinal cord The most curved bend is between the disc between the fifth and the sixth vertebra. Spondylosis is more common in this disk because the most stressed points in this point.

In the process of decay, the disc lost its water and became dry. Disks are softer, elastic and stronger in healthy conditions. When decay starts, its flexible fibers become stiff and break down by pressure. The disks between the two vertebrae disappear and become thin. As a result, the ends of the vertebrae rub each other and the grains of new bone of different sizes arise.

The bones of these bones are pointy and sharp. These are found in X-ray tests. If any of the bones of the bones hit the nervous system, then there is a severe pain in the hands. Bones of the bones can sometimes cause snoring and may cause numbness in the legs.

The decayed disk can move away from its normal position, it is called ‘slipped disk’. In that case, the disc caused pain due to pressure on the nervous system. Slipped discs are usually due to accidents, sudden fall or neck injuries. However, the loss of the vertebrate spinal movement is not easy when the disk’s elasticity is lost.

Spondylosis usually occurs in the four lower vertebrae in the lower neck ie fourth to seventh vertebrae. Spondylosis in the lower three vertebrae is very low because there is not a lot of pressure in the area. SURVIVAL Spondylosis’s pain is always felt on the back of the neck, never felt in front of the neck. If the pain is severe, it may extend to the elbows on the shoulders and back of the arm. Occasionally pain may be spreading through hands and fingers.

Spondylosis diagnosis

X-rays are tested to ensure that spondylosis has occurred. However, in some cases the CT scan or MRI is done.

Some symptoms appear when the nervous system gets infected with the cervical spondylosis-

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Strengthening

If the disc goes away and the pressure on the snorker can be restless. The situation may arise due to pressure on the nerves to grow new bones.

Spondylosis Treatment System

Typically the following steps are taken when acne pain due to surveillative spondylosis –

  • Close the movement of the neck.
  • Use painkillers.
  • Hot seconds
  • Trucking
  • Massage or massage.
  • Neck muscles strengthen.
  • Exercise to relax tough muscles.
Fathiyya Al Shaikh

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